Eye Brows

That best frame your face!….Tired of eyebrow pencils that smudge?

Now you can enjoy the same look with Permanent Cosmetics. For eyebrows that are not quite perfect, color may be added to create a fuller appearance, shaped to your liking.

Select from a wide range of shades to create a look that cannot be detected as anything other than makeup,
or as natural as subtle enhancements only the discerning eye would pick up.

Permanent makeup is perfect for:

  • The busy on-the-go woman who wants to save time.
  • The active woman who wants to look fresh throughout her sports.
  • The woman with limited dexterity or vision.
  • The woman who is allergic to eye makeup or who wears contact lenses and has problems with watery eyes and smearing makeup.
  • The far-sighted woman who finds it difficult to apply eye makeup.
  • Any woman who wants to have natural looking, enhanced features that will never be unfashionable.
  • Any woman who wants to wake up every morning looking fresh and ready to go.
  • And any man who might want similar results!