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Eye brows that best frame your face! Tired of eyebrow pencils that smudge?  Now you can enjoy the same look with Permanent Cosmetics. For eyebrows that are not quite perfect, color may be added to create a fuller appearance, shaped to your liking.  Select from a wide range of shades to create a look that cannot be detected as anything other than makeup, or as natural as subtle enhancements only the discerning eye would pick up.

Camouflage is the answer if you are dissatisfied with minor scars or previous cosmetic makeup results.  Most procedures can be corrected or improved with corrective permanent make-up.  If you are dissatisfied with your current look, we will be happy to help you determine how we can improve your appearance.

Do you feel naked without Eyeliner? 

Wouldn’t you love to have your eyes beautifully enhanced all the time?  Are you reluctant to go swimming or to wake-up in the morning for fear of looking unfinished?  With permanent cosmetics, a fine, permanent definition can be created to follow the lashline.  Color and thickness can be individualized and makeup may be applied over the eyeliner to create a more dramatic look for special occasions.

Do you want defined, fuller lips?  Enhance your lips to their fullest!

  • Fantastic for unevenly shaped lips and lips that bleed with lipstick.

  • Great for the active woman who wants to look fresh throughout her day.

  • Never worry about re-applying lipstick after meals or throughout the day

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